Easy Halloween Chalkboard Projects

Halloween is right around the corner! For crafty and creative people, it is the perfect opportunity to make dark, scary and exciting decorations for the house and yard. Chalkboard paint is a great medium for making creative Halloween decor. Something about the paint’s matte finish paired with white chalk or white chalk markers simply makes […]

8 Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Fall

Fall is here! Now is the time to add beautiful great autumn decor to your front stoop. We’ve collected our favorite ideas for local homeowners who want to make their front porch look its best. Paint Your Door Mat Doormats can start to look dingy and dirty over time. Fortunately, you can cover up a […]

Painting Furniture with Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a common product used to make old pieces of furniture look beautiful. Whether amateur or professional, individuals who restore furniture love chalk paint because it is easy to apply, richly colored and durable. If you’ve never used chalk paint before, these tips will help you get started with your project. Choose Your […]

Chalk It Up – Chalkboard Ideas That’s Not Your Walls

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is useful in a million different ways, and not just for walls! Whether you’re trying to make an outdoor chalkboard or a creative system for labeling wine glasses, chalkboard paint can help. This post will go over some of our favorite ways to use chalkboard paint.  Jar Labels Jars tend to be multipurpose: first, they’re used, […]

How to Apply Gel Stain

Gel stain is an easy to use product that can achieve an even, smooth finish with little time and effort. Even the most scratched and marred pieces of furniture can benefit from a well applied gel stain, while new furniture might end up looking professionally finished when gel stain is properly applied. In this tutorial, […]

Prepare Your Deck For Fall

Summer weather can be hard on a deck. Summer sun can drain can wear away your deck’s protective seal, causing damage to the wood. As summer turns into fall, it’s important to check your deck’s sealant and renew your deck’s protection, if needed. Test Your Deck’s Protective Seal A deck that has been properly sealed […]