Fall Ready Front Porch

Fall is coming soon! With blustery winds, short days and falling leaves comes a great opportunity to spruce up your home’s porch. Adding fall decor can make your porch a sight to behold, while performing basic maintenance is important for ensuring that your front porch is able to withstand wet, cold fall conditions. Spruce Up the Decor […]

Best Colors for the Dining Room

Picking the right color for your dining room is important. The right paint color will bring together the decor and make your dining room a fun and festive place to spend time at meals. At Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture, we encourage our customers to give serious thought to the paint color they choose for […]

Quick Home Painting Projects

When you’re trying to redecorate your home, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. These quick home painting projects can make your interior decor pop without all the expense and time of a total room repainting. Accent Wall An accent wall is a wall that’s been painted a different color from the other walls in the same room. […]

Revamp Your Old Picnic Table

Is your backyard lacking a little flair? At Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture we have tons of ideas for making your outdoor space more attractive. Repainting an old picnic table, for example, is an excellent way to add color to your home’s exterior without spending a lot of money. In this post, we’ll discuss supplies, techniques and best practices. […]

Creating A Unique Deck Design

Most people stain or paint their deck in a solid color to either match their house or the surrounding landscape. However, at Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture, we’ve done some research and found a few decks with super cool colors and beautiful designs. We think this is a great idea and encourage the creative people of Pittsburgh […]

How to Paint a Concrete Floor

Concrete floors can be beautiful, warm and homey when they’re painted. Whether you’re painting the floor of your house, garage or another indoor concrete surface, the process is the same. These tips will help you turn your indoor concrete floor into a beautiful and attractive walking surface. Prep the Floor Before you can paint your floor, […]