Fine Paints of Europe

Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture is proud to announce that we’ll soon be selling Fine Paints of Europe! This exquisite brand of paint is made from all the finest ingredients and is widely recognized to be among the best quality paint commercially available. Fine Paints of Europe produces paint in vibrant, bold colors, perfect for […]

These Paint Colors Can Lift Your Mood

These Paint Colors Can Improve Your Mood

Whether you’re painting your entire home or just a room or two, you might want to consider more than just the aesthetics of your color palette. Different colors can alter your mood, making you feel invigorated, calmed, inspired or soothed depending on their tone and shade. Color psychology has been used by many to make […]

The Basics of Color Theory

The Basics Of Color Theory

Picking the right color to paint your walls can be tough, but understanding the basics of color theory can give you a starting point. Once you understand color relationships, how colors affect emotions, and which colors match vs. which colors don’t, picking the right paint color for a room in your home becomes much easier. […]