Easy Halloween Chalkboard Projects

Halloween is right around the corner! For crafty and creative people, it is the perfect opportunity to make dark, scary and exciting decorations for the house and yard. Chalkboard paint is a great medium for making creative Halloween decor. Something about the paint’s matte finish paired with white chalk or white chalk markers simply makes […]

Prepare Your Deck For Fall

Summer weather can be hard on a deck. Summer sun can drain can wear away your deck’s protective seal, causing damage to the wood. As summer turns into fall, it’s important to check your deck’s sealant and renew your deck’s protection, if needed. Test Your Deck’s Protective Seal A deck that has been properly sealed […]

Fall Ready Front Porch

Fall is coming soon! With blustery winds, short days and falling leaves comes a great opportunity to spruce up your home’s porch. Adding fall decor can make your porch a sight to behold, while performing basic maintenance is important for ensuring that your front porch is able to withstand wet, cold fall conditions. Spruce Up the Decor […]

Spring Updates – Painting Your Garden Fence

The snow has melted and spring is in full swing. At Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture, we’re finding that home buyers all around Pittsburgh are getting started with their outdoor maintenance projects. Now is the perfect time to paint exterior wooden structures like your garden fence. Applying a fresh coat of paint to wooden surfaces can help […]

How to Decorate Your Deck for Spring

Spring is here! It’s time to decorate your deck. If you’re a homeowner in Pittsburgh, you may have been thinking about your deck decorating strategies for a long time coming. Knowing where to start, what makes a deck attractive and how to make your deck comfortable in the process can help you turn your deck […]