DIY Project Ideas for Leftover Paint

Leftover paint has a way of accumulating in basements and garages, and much of it never gets used. These creative, simple projects will help you clear out your old cans to make room for new leftover paint.

Create an Accent Wall

When you’ve got just enough paint to cover one wall but not an entire room, why not paint an accent wall? We recommend painting an accent wall in an area of the room where you’d like to draw attention. For example, when painting an accent wall in your living room, paint it on a wall where there is a natural focal point, like a fireplace or a television.

Paint An Old Chair

A coat of paint is a great tool for sprucing up an old chair or another piece of furniture, because paint can hide scratches and wear and tear that might otherwise make your furniture look shabby. When taking on this project, start by cleaning the chair, then sand down the wood to create a surface to which paint can adhere. Wipe away any sawdust, then apply the paint.

Antique Your Furniture

Antiquing is a good technique for using two or more coats of paint at one time. Use the techniques outlined above to paint the furniture of your choice. Once the piece of furniture is painted with two coats of one color, switch to a new color and apply two more coats of paint. Finally, sand away bits of the the top layer of paint to reveal the different colored paint underneath.

Add Stripes to a Nursery

Stripes are fun and cute! They make the perfect decoration for nursery walls. To paint stripes on the walls of your home, use painter’s tape to create the outline around the stripes, then paint within those lines. Be careful not to rely too heavily on the painter’s tape to contain the paint, as the paint may still bleed underneath the tape. Use the tape more as a guide than anything else.

Help Your Book Shelves Pop

Painting the inside of your bookshelves to brighten the space inside can draw attention to your books and make your shelves more decorative. Use the same processes that you would use to paint wooden furniture. We recommend using lighter colors inside your bookshelves to help lighten the space and keep your shelves easily visible.

Add Color to a Vase

Paint a glass vase in a bright, beautiful color to draw attention to the flowers. Keep in mind that paint cannot adhere to glass very well, so unless the paint is designed specifically to be applied to glass, we recommend handling the vase gently after painting it.

Other Things You Can Do with Your Old Paint

If you’re not in the mood to paint anything at all, you can still get rid of your old paint by giving it away to someone in need. We recommend calling local charities, non-profits, community theaters, churches and schools to see if any of the organizations in your area could make use of your old paint. If you can’t find any organizations in your area that will take your paint, post the paint on your Facebook page and on your local Freecycle page to see if you can find any takers.

Stop In At Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture

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