Fine Paints of Europe

Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture is proud to announce that we’ll soon be selling Fine Paints of Europe! This exquisite brand of paint is made from all the finest ingredients and is widely recognized to be among the best quality paint commercially available. Fine Paints of Europe produces paint in vibrant, bold colors, perfect for interior and exterior projects. Whether you’re painting a wall, your home’s siding or your home’s exterior door, Fine Paints of Europe will coat your home with finest pigments and ingredients.

All About Fine Paints of Europe

Fine Paints of Europe is a high-quality paint product that provides a durable coat that can last for many years. In fact, this European paint is suitable for use on buildings that are very old indeed, as it it originates in the Netherlands where many structures are hundreds of years old.

Fine Paints of Europe produces rich, classic colors that are perfect for your home inside and out. The hues and shades are designed to set an ambiance and match your home’s unique style. This versatile paint can be used on many surfaces including walls, furniture, siding, floors, ceilings and murals.

What makes Fine Paints of Europe different from other paints?

Fine Paints of Europe is made from the highest quality ingredients available on the market. Not only is the finished product more beautiful, but it also lasts longer. Durability leads to fewer new applications of paint over time and increased savings.

Should your coat of Fine Paints of Europe ever become damaged or a little dingy, you can freshen the coat of paint by simply adding another layer over the original. This will help your home look its best with minimal effort for many years.

We also like that this brand produces an all natural, eco-friendly green product. This low contaminant paint product is low odor for the protection of your family members and your own personal health.

Who can use Fine Paints of Europe?

Anyone can stop in to Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture and pick up a can of Fine Paints of Europe, however, we recommend contacting a certified contractor who has been trained to use this exquisite paint product. You’ll get best results by hiring a professional to help with your project.

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Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture is proud to offer this exquisite line of paint to our customers! We also carry a variety of other high quality products to ensure that our customers can get the paint products they need to paint their home inside and out.

We carry stains, paints, tarps, paint brushes and other items that can help you get your paint project off the ground. Best of all, our employees are trained to answer questions from homeowners hoping to take on DIY projects. Come to Ace for paint products and good advice!