What to Do with Leftover Paint

They’re a staple in many garages and basements—old cans of paint with labels so faded you can’t even read them. No one wants to throw out perfectly good paint, but no one ever seems to know what to do with these old cans.   Donate Your Leftover Paint Instead of collecting dust on a rickety […]

How To Apply The Smooshing Painting Technique

Smoosh painting technique may sound like a preschool art project, but this faux finish creates marvelous, dramatic texture similar to the type of texture that you might see on a bed of messy sheets, or in aerial views of mountain ranges. Whether you’re experienced in different faux finish techniques or are trying faux painting for […]

Milk Paint Vs. Chalk Paint

Unless you spend a lot of time painting vintage furniture, you probably have a hard time telling the difference between milk paint and chalk paint. While these two products can look very similar, they are not the same. Knowing the differences between each product can help you decide which one is right for you. How […]

How to Properly Clean a Paint Roller

How To Properly Clean Your Paint Roller

Allowing paint to dry on the roller ruins it for future use. With the proper cleaning techniques, your paint rollers should last for many years. Latex paint is water soluble and can be washed with simple water and soap, however, alkyd paint must be cleaned with solvent. The processes are slightly different: Latex Paint Tools: […]

The Benefits of Sustainable Eco-Friendly Paint

Bagmati River

If you sometimes find that maintaining a green lifestyle means not getting exactly what you want out of your renovation projects, we have good news! Environmentally friendly paints are becoming more and more popular, meaning you won’t have to choose between vibrant colors or something that has a low environmental impact. Those things are coming […]