Sikkens Oil Based Products are Still Available at Ace Paints

This is your annual reminder that Oil Based Stains from Sikkens are still readily available at Ace Paints.  This includes Cetol DEK Finish, Cetol 1 and Cetol 23+ as well as Log and Siding and Oil Based SRD. The general prep procedure for staining or maintaining your deck or siding begins with the application of […]

Gel Stain Can Help Revitalize Old Furniture

Like fast food and air conditioning, gel stain is one of the great conveniences of modern life. This smooth drying, professional-looking stain can make old furniture look new and new furniture look great. In this tribute to gel stain, we’ll talk about the great advantages of gel stain, how gel stain compares to standard stain, […]

Painting vs Staining A Deck

Painting Vs Staining A Deck

The decision to stain or paint a deck can be a difficult one. One the one hand, painted surfaces are a solid color and feature none of the beauty of the original wood grain. Stained decks, on the other hand, have a natural appearance that allows them to blend in with the backyard landscaping. Aesthetically, […]

You Can Make Homemade Stain Using Walnuts!

Make Homemade Stain Using Walnuts

With the green movement well under way, natural products are very popular these days. Many people are choosing natural alternatives for many things, and this has led to an increased interest in natural stains. One particularly attractive option are natural stains made from walnuts. Making these stains is easy enough that just about anyone with the […]

Gel Stain Vs. Oil Stain

Bartley Gel Stain

According to gel stain works like peanut butter on toast. Spread over a slice of toast, peanut butter will stick to the surface of the toast, but doesn’t quite soak in to the bread. The same goes for gel stain which forms a thick coat of lustrous color that sits on the surface of wood. takes […]