Popular Kitchen Motifs Through Time

Thanksgiving means a lot of time spent in the kitchen. Many of us find it to be the best room in the entire house. With individual decor and accessorizing, you can really make your kitchen a reflection of who you are. There are plenty of design trends that find their way into the kitchen, and […]

How To Paint A Faux Leather Wall


Faux leather walls have sophistication and elegance, and are perfect for rooms of the home that are dedicated to intellectual pursuits, like libraries, home offices and game rooms. The true challenge of this particular type of faux finish is in achieving the proper texture. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll tell you how to get the […]

How To Color Wash A Wall

How To Color Wash A Wall

Think about every Italian restaurant you’ve ever been in. Close your eyes. Recall the walls. You can imagine it now: a warm, sunny, golden orange with a mottled, textured appearance. That mottled look is a combination of two colors blended together in a technique called color wash. This faux finish is associated with Tuscany, fresh […]

How To Rag Paint Your Walls

Rag Paint Your Walls

Rag painting creates a soft, textured effect, generating visual interest in any room where it is applied. Rag painting is commonly seen in small rooms like bathrooms, where the soft textures can help mask the dimensions of the room and make the space feel slightly less cramped. There are multiple valid methods to rag painting. […]

Here’s How To Paint Over Ugly Wallpaper

Painting Over Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is a pain, especially in older houses. At times, removing wallpaper can even damage the walls. Many homeowners go through hours of painstaking, laborious work to remove old wallpaper, and that’s not always necessary. If your home is papered with old, unattractive wallpaper and you’d rather have painted walls, follow these tips to paint over your wallpaper. […]