Choosing the Right Colors for Design Trends

New year, new you, right? When the calendar turns over, many people take the opportunity to reinvent parts of their lives. For some, that means touching up or completely redoing various spaces in your home. If you’re looking to redesign a room in your house, here are some popular styles and paint colors that work best.

Mid-Century Modern

If you’ve shopped for furniture or been on Pinterest in the last five years, you’re probably somewhat familiar with the mid-century modern motif. As its name suggests, this style draws inspiration from American trends of the 1950s and 60s. Furniture tends to be streamlined, and round shapes are everywhere.

When it comes to painting your mid-century modern room, go with darker, bolder colors. Olive green, mustard yellow and rich browns are all good options. You want to give your space that loungey feeling, one that’s warm and perfect for your evening cocktail. You can offset darker tones with light blues and pinks, as well as rich cream tones.


Fueled by bold statement pieces made of dark woods and iron, the industrial trend has been quite popular of the past decade, especially in urban areas. The idea behind industrial motifs is a sense of incompleteness, leaving your and your family to give the space its life.

Industrial rooms are designed with warehouses and factories in mind. That means very basic paint colors and patterns. Stick to white or beige walls and unfinished woods accents. If you want a pop of color, try painting an accent wall a bold tone like dark blue or grey. This will really help bring your industrial aesthetic together.


Minimalism has popped up throughout history, but it’s been gaining traction in the past few years. As people strive to declutter their lives, rooms are becoming less about the stuff they hold, and more about the memories had within them. Like the industrial motif, minimalism relies on sparsely decorated rooms with few pieces of furniture and little clutter. This means your walls’ paint color will be on full display.

Keep your color palette light and airy. Whites and tans are good ways to go, but if you’d like some color, go for natural tones on the lighter side of the spectrum. Sky blue or a very light green are great options. The best part about minimalism is that the lack of clutter and bright walls really make the room look bigger.

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