Color Trends for 2019

Another year has come and gone. 2018 saw many home design and decor trends emerge and fizzle out, and 2019 is sure to be just the same. So as 2018 comes to an end, we thought we’d take a look at some of the emerging trends to watch for in the new year.

Going Green

The color green will continue to dominate many a living room in 2019. This is the first time since perhaps the art deco movement that it has been this popular. As both a wall color and for accents pieces, green provides a sense of serenity and leaves a space feeling calm and inviting. On top of that, green offers an air of sophistication and is a great option for formal entertainment spaces.

If you’re a plant enthusiast, green walls can also enhance your aesthetic. Green walls and accents can pair quite well with natural hues and wooden furniture, helping you create a space that really blurs the lines of  the indoors and outdoors.

Natural Shapes

No matter what colors you choose for your walls and accents, complement your space with natural shapes. Curves and rounded edges will dominate decor in 2019. This comes in stark contrast to the harsh lines and angles that have been so popular in the past few years. People are looking to “soften up” their spaces.

This also includes your decor. Prints and pictures are veering away from depictions of the man made and industrial motifs we’ve seen so much of, and are, instead, leaning toward organic subject matters and softer imagery. The same goes for colors, both paint and accents. Bold statement walls are giving way to lighter tones that provide a brighter, more airy environment.

Contrast is King

If a lighter, more natural feel through the trends we described above aren’t your thing, have no fear. 2019 will accommodate your desire to make bold statements in any room. Particularly, contrasting dark and light neutral shades through wall colors and accents will give your space a bold feel while remaining inviting.

Conversely, if you’re looking to make more of a statement and adding a little more flair to your space, go with bright pops of color through your furniture and decor while keeping your walls a neutral tone. Basic wall a  color allows your personality to shine through your accent pieces while also giving you the option to redecorate as new trends emerge.

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