Common Problems with Exterior Paint and How to Prevent Them

Home maintenance is often a never-ending list of chores and tasks. Your home’s exterior certainly requires a lot of attention, especially without preparation. When it comes to exterior paint, there are number issues that can arise, but there are just as many solutions to these common problems.

Sagging or Running  

When not applied or mixed properly, exterior paint can look like it’s in a constant state of dripping. This is usually caused when the paint is first applied. It could be that too much paint was applied at once, making it too heavy and causing it to run. Conversely, sagging could be the result of using to much paint thinner, preventing it from bonding with your walls.

The easiest solution to this problem is to avoid over coating or over thinning your paint. If you catch sagging while paint is still wet, smooth it out before it dries. If it’s already dried, sanding and repainting are the best ways to correct the situation.


This is most common on wood panels. Blistering is easy to identify as it looks like what it’s called. Small to medium-sized bubbles form when you paint in direct sunlight and/or on a hot day. The vapors from the paint are trapped under the surface and start to bubble. Furthermore, painting on wet exterior can cause water to become trapped, leading to the same effect.

The best way to prevent this is to avoid  painting in direct sunlight or on a cooler, cloudier, dry day. If you discover blistering, scrape them off and reapply your paint in the previously noted weather conditions.


Unlike paint exposed to too much sun, mildew is usually a result of not enough light or excessive moisture. If your home is mostly shaded and prone  to a lot of moisture, from rain, snow and ice, mildew could be a real concern. You can recognize mildew by the grey, brown or green splotches that form along the seams in your home’s exterior.

Don’t ever paint over an area of your exterior where mildew already exists. Before painting, scrub the afflicted areas with soap, cleaning thoroughly. You can repaint once the surface is completely dry.

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