Don’t Forget Your Walls for Spring Cleaning!

With spring on the way, many of us are getting excited about all those outdoor projects we’ve been meaning to do. But, before you let your attention stray outdoors make sure you do a thorough Spring Cleaning inside!

What to Use When Cleaning Your Walls

Cleaning walls is easy to overlook. After all, how dirty can they really get? If you’re curious, dampen a rag and wipe over a few spots. See that? Dust, cobwebs and other debris can still cling to vertical surfaces. Yeah, it’s time to clean your walls.

Luckily, this is a simple task. You can purchase specific cleaners and tools, or a sponge and some hand dishwashing detergent can often do the trick. You might want to get a long handled sponge-type mop for those hard to reach higher places. You will also want a dry cloth to wipe down walls afterwards. You also might need a step ladder if you have particularly high walls. And of course, the bucket. What cleaning adventure is complete without a bucket or two? Go for two so you can use one with your soap solutions and another to wring out your dirty sponge.

Consider Your Paint

Walls that have flat paint, are stained or have eggshell finishes are not exceptionally durable. These should not be scrubbed aggressively. You should also use the mildest cleaner possible. Try plain water. If that doesn’t work the water/dish soap mix above will work fine. Semi-gloss and enamel paint should show no ill effects from washing.

How to Clean Your Walls

Turn off any fans in the room first. You don’t want to blow dust on to your damp walls. You want to start from the top of your walls and clean down. With your sponge damp, not dripping, wipe down the wall with cleaner solution and then again with water to rinse. Start with a small section. Upon finishing each section dry it with your cloth to prevent streaking. Move on to the next section.

And If You Get the Urge to Paint, Come See Us at Ace!

Once you’re done, you’ll have fresh and sparkling walls. If you get the urge to paint those walls a new and exciting color, we’ve got you covered! Come down to Ace to find the perfect hue for you! — Visit one of our South Hills locations or check out our online store today!


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