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Green Paint for Your Walls | Ace Paints Pittsburgh

March means St. Patrick’s Day, and that gets us all in the Green spirit! A lot of folks shy away from green paints for their home, but we think it’s time to embrace them! We love color, and we know you do, too. The color green can do wonderful things for your house. It can help energize a room, make you feel calm and grounded with the earth and more. We have some tips to help you use green paint to make your house fresh without feeling tacky.

Add a Subtle Pop of Color with Light Green Paint 

A paler green is great for a room in which you want calmness, but still need a little pop. You want a seamless hint of color, not something loud and distracting. Light green walls make a great background without being boring, giving you the opportunity to add boldness with decor and furniture. Use colors like mint, pistachio, melon, honeydew or lime for a soft green touch.

Bright, jewel toned greens can really liven up a room, too! These are colors that manage to be bold without being loud. If you’re looking for color that’ll feel lavish, go for emerald greens, jade, aquamarine, malachite and aventurine.

What About Earthy Greens?

Want to feel more connected to the planet and life around you? Green can help with that! There are different kinds of earthy greens you can go with. There are the bright, cheerful greens that imply new life, reminding us of new leaves, fresh buds and cute little succulents. These are inviting and spring-like. Opt for colors such as lichen, celery, pear, lettuce alone and beanstalk.

And then you have the deeper, darker earth greens—the ones that remind you of hot summer days and lush gardens. These provide a safe and homey atmosphere in any room. With the darker colors you’ll want to be sure you use them in large, brightly lit rooms and use a lighter accent color. Some great choices are grape leaves, olive, clover/shamrock, blarney stone, and moss.

Come Down to Earth at Ace!

We have all the green paints to help you achieve your perfect blend of life and serenity. Take a step outside your color comfort zone and let us help! Visit one of our South Hills locations or check out our online store today!

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