Popular Kitchen Motifs Through Time

Thanksgiving means a lot of time spent in the kitchen. Many of us find it to be the best room in the entire house. With individual decor and accessorizing, you can really make your kitchen a reflection of who you are. There are plenty of design trends that find their way into the kitchen, and that’s been the case for decades. Let’s look at what kitchens looked like through the eras.

Kitchens in the Fifties

The 50’s saw an age of prosperity like American had never seen. As more families moved to the suburbs, houses truly became homes. This is perhaps no more apparent than in the kitchen. The room was a place to really express the family’s style and demonstrate their success. Electricity-powered appliances were the norm for the first time and laminate flooring proved easy to clean and popular.

Cabinetry tended to go unpainted and lighter woods were they style. Even they were painted, it was usually a strong contrast to the wall. Bright colors were the name of the game. Bright pinks, yellows and blue dominated many a kitchen. Walls would follow this trend, either by a solid color or a detailed wallpaper.

The Groovy Seventies Kitchen

There’s a lot of style choices from the 70’s that many of us would like to forget. Colorful laminates became the craze. While these cabinets and floors may not have aged well, they were cheap and easy to manage. Muted reds, yellows and oranges were contrasted with dark browns or white.

When wood was used, the decade called for dark woods or stains. While wallpaper remained popular, the patterns got much more elaborate, if not garish. Paint color was typically limited to whites and tans to offset the dark laminates or wood.

Today’s Kitchen Trends

Heading into 2019, kitchen trends will remain on par with this year. Today’s kitchen are all about bright, open space with minimal clutter. We’ll continue to see terrazzo and marble surfaces with subway tile backsplashes. Popular accent colors will stick to copper, gold and even concrete.

In terms of paint color, warm and inviting colors are what’s in. Stick to either organic or natural shades of brown, light green and grey. Conversely, you can make the space even cozier with a muted orange or red. Keep clutter to a minimum to really let your colors pop!

Revamp Your Kitchen with a New Coat of Paint

No matter if you’re going for a retro vibe or want to update your motif to today’s trends, Ace has the paints and stains you need to get the job done. Stop by one of our locations or view or inventory online.

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