Taking on an Unfinished Furniture Project

While we love our paints, unfinished furniture is another passion of ours. The great thing about these items is they’re completely customizable to suit your style. Taking on an unfinished piece of furniture is a great DIY project, but it helps when you know what you’re doing. If it’s your first time, keep reading for some helpful hints.

Go for Quality

As with any other major purchase, you want something that is both functional and going to last. This is certainly true when it comes to unfinished furniture. Purchase your pieces from a trusted retailer or dealer and demand quality materials. With the right research, your new furniture will last for generations.

Oftentimes, you can buy off the showroom floor or work with a builder for a truly unique piece. Keep in mind the space or room for which you’re buying the new furniture. This will help you settle on the right size or shape and ensure you don’t have any buyer’s remorse.

Use a Good Finishing Stain

Just as you wouldn’t buy a subpar piece of furniture, don’t cut corners on the finishing touches. For first-timers, go with the most efficient finish. Bartley gel stain is a great option for this and comes in a variety of shades to meet your needs. The great thing about Bartley is that it requires very little work to look beautiful.

Simply apply it with a cloth or brush, 2 to 3 coats, and you’ll be left with a smooth finish that looks hand-rubbed and warm. The best part is you don’t need sand between coats or add a separate finishing coat!

Let Ace Help You Find Your Perfect Furniture

With a wide variety of available unfinished furniture, we can help you customize everything from bookcases to entertainment stands to office furniture. Contact us to learn more, of browse our inventory.

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