The Ideal Weather For Outdoor Painting

The Ideal Temperature For Outdoor Painting

Are you planning to paint your home’s exterior sometime this year? Trying to decide when to do it? Temperature is one thing that many DIYers fail to take into consideration when starting a new home painting project. The good news is that the temperature requirements now are more flexible than they used to be. However, advanced planning is required to ensure that you have the right paint for your needs when it’s time to paint.

What are the normal expected temperatures for painting?

The usual rule goes like this: oil paints can be applied between temperatures outside fall between 40 and 90 degrees, and latex paints can be applied at temperatures ranging from 50 to 85.

However, there are paints that can be applied at temperatures outside the norm. For example, if you wish to paint your house at temperatures as low as 35, speak with the clerk at the time of purchase. Some paints are designed to cure at temperatures outside the normal range.

How long do the temperatures have to stay this way?

In general, temperatures should stay within the acceptable range for at least 48 hours after being applied to the house.

What happens if I don’t follow the rule about acceptable temperatures?

If you don’t follow all manufacturers’ recommendations regarding temperature and curing time, the paint will not cure properly. You won’t notice anything at first, so you’ll spend a few years thinking you got away with it. However, this could lead to blistering, peeling and other disappointing defects. It will take a couple seasons for these changes to take full effect.

Are there other weather-related rules that should be followed?

Yes. The paint should be applied when no rain or dew is expected for 48 hours after painting. Keep the paint out of direct sunlight, too. To do this, start painting on the side of the house in shade, and move with the sunlight as the day progresses.

For more information and rules about the acceptable weather patterns while painting, take a look at this article online.

One more thing: instructions vary by manufacturer. We recommend reading all manufacturer’s instructions before beginning any painting project to ensure that the temperatures outside fall inside the range of what is acceptable. When in doubt, talk to a customer service representative when you buy the paint. We can help answer your questions.

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