Holiday Decorating with Your Home’s Exterior in Mind

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You’re probably well into your holiday decorating by now, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going smoothly. Between lights and lawn decorations, wreaths and fake snow, there’s a lot to keep track of. Furthermore, decorating the outside of your home for the holidays needs to be done in a way that ensures your home’s exterior stays clean and damage free. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Protecting Your Home’s Exterior this Holiday

Your home’s exterior paint takes a beating all year long. The sun may cause it to fade over time and rain can lead to staining. You’ve probably accounted for this normal wear and tear, so there’s no reason to add to it when decorating your home for the holidays.

There a quite a few ways your decorations can harm your home’s exterior. A big one is heavy objects that could potentially scratch your paint. Keep this in mind when hanging or affixing objects to your home. Things like lights, wreaths or other ornamental decor that rest on your exterior walls could potentially wear down a paint job. This is especially true for your outside door or shutters. Heavy metal hangers can scrape off paint pretty quickly.

If you’re using real plants in your outdoor decorating, keep in mind that they can often be a bit messy. The holiday season incorporates a lot of evergreens that usually produce some amount of sap. Check your live trees or wreaths before hanging them up and try to eliminate any sap or dirt you find.

Finally, take care when you’re putting up and taking down decorations. Depending on how elaborate your display, you might be using tools such as a hammer and nail, pliers, heavy-duty staplers and others. It’s important to use caution when using any tool, but a misplaced hammer swing could easily dent, gash or scrape your home’s exterior. This is also true when using a ladder. When positioning a ladder, lean it gently against the side of your home to avoid unwanted scratches and dings.

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