Personalize Your Furniture with the DIY Projects

Customizing your own furniture is a great way to add a little personality to any room of your home. When you start with a piece of unfinished wood furniture, you can really make it unique. Here are few DIY projects you can take on to help you make your furniture truly your own!

Use Painters Tape

With a little painters tape, you can create fun designs and patterns on any piece of furniture. From zig zags to polka dots to whatever you can dream up, it’s a pretty easy process. The first step is to paint your furniture whatever color you want your pattern to be. Let that dry before moving on. Next, place your tape in whatever pattern you’ve settled on. Then take your next paint color and paint over everything. Again, let it dry. Once it’s dry, begin peeling off the tape. You’ll be left with a fun design with a nice pop of color!

Add Some Contact Paper

Adding a fun pattern or design to your furniture can be as easy as peeling and sticking on some fun contact paper. Start by cleaning and wiping down your entire piece of furniture. Next, choose whatever design you like and begin applying it. Make sure you smooth out any air bubbles.

Finally, you can add a very light coat of stain to give it a unique and antique look! Have some old wallpaper hanging around? You can use that instead of contact paper with a little paste.   

Pop on Some Stickers or Decals

This might be the easiest way to personalize your furniture. But instead of applying them after you stain or clear coat and risk them peeling off, try adding them beforehand. This lets the design become part of the furniture itself.

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