3 Ways to Preserve Your Deck Through Winter

There’s nothing better than sitting on your deck or patio in the warmer parts of the year. However, unless you’re hardcore about your outdoor time, it probably doesn’t see a lot of use throughout the winter and can be easy to ignore. However, a wooden deck requires a little TLC throughout winter to make sure your wood and its protective seals and stains see another summer.

Clear Away Snow as Often as Possible

A normal layer of snow isn’t going to ruin your deck. The problem is when this snow melts or turns to ice. Wood, no matter how well stained or guarded, is still porous. When liquid water seeps into the wood, it can lead warping and discoloration. Furthermore, water that seeps into wood can refreeze and expand, leading to cracks.

It might take a little time, but making sure you clear away snow as soon as possible will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. If you don’t want clear away snow after every storm, try using a plastic tarp to cover your deck throughout the winter.

Use a Plastic Shovel or Snowblower

When you do clear off your deck, it’s important to have the right tool for the job. A plastic shovel is your best bet. Plastic is relatively soft and won’t ruin your deck’s finish. Metal shovels, on the other hand, are much harder, and often have sharp edges. While your deck’s finish can withstand a lot of abuse, it isn’t strong enough to prevent scratches and chips.

If you’re worried about a plastic shovel, you can always go the snowblower route. The important thing is to remove the snow as often as possible. After removing the snow , you can help your deck even more by sweeping away any leaves or other debris so they don’t cause stains.

Skip the Salt

If you use your deck as a primary entrance into your home, you’re going to want to keep it cleared anyway. Even if you don’t use your deck’s entrance that often, it’s still a good idea to keep at least part of it clear in case of an emergency and you need another exit from your home.

However, unlike your sidewalks and driveway, salt has no place on your deck. Salt can be extremely harsh and damage your deck’s finish and wood. Salt can also cause pitting on the deck’s surface and even weaken the integrity of the wood. If you do want to de-ice your deck, opt for product without salt.

Treat Your Deck with Ace Paints

Keeping your deck looking like new requires a little bit of hard work, but it shouldn’t require a fortune. Ace Paints has finishes and sealants from the top brands. Browse our online inventory to get read for spring and summer.


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