Matching Paint Colors with Wood Tones

Matching paint to wood tones | Ace Paints

You have some beautiful woodwork in your house that you’d like to show off, but you also like some color. How do you find the right colors to go with your wood tone? With a little planning you can make both patterns pop and complement each other. Keep reading to learn more!

Enhancing Your Wood’s Finish

Don’t try to match paint colors to your wood. They should not be the same, but complement each other. Each piece of wood can have a unique color and grain look, and all of that can be altered with different stains.

What is the dominant hue in your wood? Think about that as you look for corresponding colors. Also decide if you want to create a bold contrast in colors or a low quiet sort of contrast. Both can be great! And don’t think that you have to use the same kinds of wood throughout one room. A more evolved look of different shades is great.

Attention Getting Rooms

Bold colors grab the eye and you can get this both ways. Pair light or pastel colored walls with dark bold wood finishes. For example, woods such as walnut, mahogany or cherry stand out well against peach, light blue, green or sunny yellow walls.

You could also flip it. With dark and bold wall colors such as ruby, forest green or navy, pair with lightly colored woods.  Both will have the same eye catching affect. This is a great tactic if you have one or two key pieces of wood furniture you’d like to draw attention to. However if a room has a lot of wood features, it may look better with less contrast through your paint color.

Walls for a Subtle Palette

If you’re more low-key, but no less stylish, you’ll want a more subtle approach to color. This can be achieved by using wood furniture and wall colors with equal intensity. This does not mean they have to be the same color, just hues of uniform strength.

A dark walnut chest against a deep ruby red wall will create a dynamic look that adds aesthetic value to the room. In the same way, a soft, butter-colored wall with an ash or white oak table can be equally pleasing. This in no way takes away from showcasing your fine wood furniture.

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