Painting Resolutions for 2019

Every homeowner knows maintaining and keeping a house looking good takes time, energy and love. Taking the time to ensure your home looks its best gives you a space to feel good about, and will help you get a better price if and when you decide to sell. With a new year upon us, resolve to take a few of these painting pointers into consideration.

Use Quality Paints

A good paint job you can be proud of starts with a good paint. You want something that will last and hold up over the years. If you’re unsure how to tell the difference between higher and lower quality paints, name and price can often be good indicators. Name brands you probably already know are usually a good bet. Higher price points usually point to better composition which, in turn, mean higher quality.

What makes a paint higher quality? It usually comes down to the pigments found in the paint. Higher quality paints typically use hiding pigments like titanium dioxide. Conversely, lower quality paints will use a larger cocktail of pigments such as talc and clay. While they may look the same, lower quality paints will not withstand the test of time as well as higher quality products.

Take Care of Your Walls

Taking the time to properly prepare your walls before you paint can ensure a much smoother and longer lasting color and texture. Before applying your coat, take time to properly clean your walls and scrape off any dirt or debris. This will help your paint bond more evenly with the wall. Furthermore, don’t scrimp on a good primer. This will enhance your paint’s hiding capabilities and lead to a better-looking coat.

After you’ve painted, don’t forget to clean your walls from time to time. This will help your coat last longer and look more vibrant. Start by vacuuming or dusting. This will help you remove heavier particles before you start washing. The way you clean your walls partially depends on what type of paint you used. For more durable paints, such as enamel or semi-gloss, you can scrub with a simple solution of soap and water. For more delicate paint finishes such as flat paint or stains, you’ll want to scrub more delicately.

Keep an Eye on Trends

This is especially important if you’re selling or plan to sell your home in the near future. Regardless of whether or not you follow design and decor trends, an updated space with a trendy paint job can help get more bang for your buck. There are plenty of sites and blogs that outline popular colors, textures and motifs. There are usually enough options that you’ll be sure to find something that fits your style and tastes.

If you’re not into chasing the latest trends, but still want to make sure your rooms are appealing to a potential buyer, stick with neutral colors or patterns. This allows buyers to really envision their furniture and decor in the space. However, at the end of the day, whether you’re selling soon or not, your space should be reflection of you, so don’t overthink it!

Rely on Ace Paints for Your Next Project

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